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Touch Switch

Touch switch is a button that when pressed displays one for 10 random stimulating videos accompanied by one of 14 random musical selections. Video and music will play for a user specified amount of time, regardless of how often the screen is accidentally touched during that time. After the time elapses you are returned to the button, that you must touch again to reactivate it. 

The touchable activation area is actually larger than the button. The actual area covers almost all of the screen, to accommodate users with lesser developed motor skills. 

NEW: You can now provide custom music from your iTunes library to accompany the videos. Not everyone loves our classical music, now you can choose whatever music stimulates the student best and have the button play their favorite songs. NOTE: You must actually own the music, not just have access to it through a monthly Apple Music subscription.  You can only copy over songs you have purchased.  Please make sure the song is actually downloaded to your device if you want to use it, music can not play from the cloud.

NEW: You can now provide custom videos from your camera roll. If you have a student who finds videos of themselves, their friends, or their favorite things more stimulating than our random videos, no problem, just shoot a video and have it included! 

NEW: The button can now change to one of 12 Colors 

The button provides a good instance of cause and effect. You hit the button => you see a stimulating video and hear music. It's great for encouraging the user to take the action of touching the screen. 

It also serves as a reward for higher level users. You do a math problem, you get to touch the button. You walk across the balance beam, you get to touch the button. 

In the settings, a user can customize the duration of the music and video. The options are 7 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds and 60 seconds. 

You can customize the text on the button. By default the button is blank, but you can enter text in the user preferences section to add a label such as "Go" or "Johnny" or "Push". 

From the settings menu you can choose to rotate the button to a landscape view. The button does not rotate on the fly to prevent rotate-stimming. 

You can also change the app's volume in the user preferences.