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iVocalize - Alternative & augmentative communication app for those with speech disabilities.

iVocalize is an alternative and augmentative communication app for those with speech disabilities.  It is available on iPod, iPhone, and iPad for under $6


iVocalize has loads of features, without the huge price tag.  Let's have a look:


Say anything - With the quick speak box at the top of every screen you can quickly say anything you want without setting up a button or set.  


Preset buttons - You can create preset buttons for things that you say frequently.  You can save the buttons into an unlimited number of sets.  Each set contains as many or few unique buttons as you need.  This allows the user to have a different group of preset buttons saved for different occasions.


Custom Voices - Loads of built in custom voices.  And you can change the pitch and speed of each voice to really customize it to yourself!


Example:  You can have 10 preset buttons for lunch time, 6 preset buttons for art class, 23 preset buttons for going out, etc.  


Custom icons - We have over 650 built in icons that you can use.  In addition you can make custom icons from any of the photos you have saved to your device -or- take photos on the fly to make buttons.  


Find something online?  If you have found an image online, or elsewhere, and you want to use it as an icon you can do so by saving it to your device.  See the tutorial for more details! 


Choose your words, choose your icons, have your voice -- Only $5.99


30 second preview:








When you first load up iVocalize you will see the screen below.  Have a look at what everything does:

Editing Buttons

If you hold down a button for several seconds (labeled 1 above) you will get a screen that looks like this, where you can edit your current button:


Adding Buttons

When you click the (+) sign (labeled 2 above) you can add a new button.  You will see these screens:


Custom Icons:


 I found an image online... can I use that as an icon??

 YES!  Here is what you do.  Open up Safari (your web browser) on your iPod/iPhone/iPad.  Find the image you want.  Press it for several seconds, until you get a popup that says "Save Image" and "Copy".  Choose "Save Image"

Now add a custom icon.  Make the choice "Choose From Library" and select your newly saved image.  

  I have an image on my computer, can I use it as a button?

 YES!  The way to do this depends on the type of computer and e-mail account you are using.  Basically you need to e-mail (or txt) the picture to yourself on an e-mail address you can access using your iPod/iPhone/iPad.  You can do this by attaching the image to an e-mail, or in the case of some programs you can just paste the image into an e-mail.  Then open up the e-mail (or the txt message) on your device, press for several seconds, and choose "Save Image".  

Now add a custom icon.  Make the choice "Choose From Library" and select the newly saved image.

Button Sets


 iVocalize doesn't quite pronounce my name (or some other word) correctly, what can I do?

 Try typing out the word phonetically instead of using the correct spelling.  You can also try adding in a period to make the speech pause for a brief second, or putting in a space for a somewhat shorter pause.