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iSpeak Grid

iSpeak Grid replicates the recordable talking devices you have used in your classroom for years, with the convince of being right on your iPad (or iPod/iPhone). It is a flexible grid that can consist of one large button, four buttons, nine buttons, or sixteen buttons (iPad only). You record all the sounds right from your device. To change to a larger grid, just add buttons and the grid will expand. To shrink the grid just remove buttons. 

iSpeak grid comes with over 650 built in icons, however the the feature that makes it really flexible is that you can choose custom images from your device's photo library, or take a picture on the fly with your device's camera.

Q: I found an image online... can I use that as an icon??

A: YES! Here is what you do. Open up Safari (your web browser) on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. Find the image you want. Press it for several seconds, until you get a popup that says "Save Image" and "Copy". Choose "Save Image" Now add a custom icon. 

Make the choice "Choose From Library" and select your newly saved image. 

Q: I have an image on my computer, can I use it as a button?

A: YES! The way to do this depends on the type of computer and e-mail account you are using. Basically you need to e-mail the picture to yourself on an e-mail address you can access using your iPod/iPhone/iPad. You can do this by attaching the image to an e-mail, or in the case of some programs you can just paste the image into an e-mail. Then open up the e-mail on your device, press for several seconds, and choose "Save Image". 

Now add a custom icon. Make the choice "Choose From Library" and select the newly saved image.

All the icons can be rearranged and moved around if you decide you need them in a different order. You can edit buttons and change the icon or re-record the sound. 

There are six separate saved grids on the device, which you can switch between using the number bar on the bottom of the screen. Each grid can be a differnt size, so you can have a 4 icon grid in slot 1, and a 16 icon grid in slot 2, etc. This app makes a great addition to any special education classroom. 

If you are looking for an AAC with an automated voice instead of something you record yourself, please checkout iVocalize.