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iSpeak Choices

iSpeak Choices has everything you love about iSpeak Button times two! 

This app features two large surface buttons, each a single message talker. This app is specifically designed for use in special education when working on making choices. 

For each button you record a custom message to play when hit. You can record over it as many times as needed. 

Buttons come in twelve different colors. You can also choose text or an icon to use on each button. Icons can come from our included collection of over 500, or from your own camera roll! 

How to use iSpeak Choices: 

To configure your iSpeak Choices, hit the little (i) symbol in the corner of your device. From here you can enter your text or choose your image, choose your button color, and enable rotation. To record a message, hit the "Start Recording" button. The circle to the right of the button will spin, this is how you know it is recording.When you are done with your message simply tap the "Stop Recording" button. 

Be sure you allow iSpeak Choices to access your microphone! If you accidentally choose "No" you can change this from your device's Settings >> Privacy >> Microphone >> iSpeak Choices