Holiday Meal Timers

Everyone knows how convenient it is to set timers right on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad when you're cooking. We do it all the time, every casserole or pizza in our house is timed out on our phones! 

It gets a little trickier for really big meals, such as Christmas dinner. When you're trying to time out the turkey, the potatoes, the green bean casserole, the rolls, the corn, the pie... well you get the idea. A single timer just doesn't cut it! 

Holiday Meal Timer lets you have as many timers going as you need, and always prioritizes them by what is ending first. 

You can set timers in two different ways. You can set the timer based on how long something needs to be in the oven. For example: Set a timer to 40 mins for your casserole. 

You can also set a timer based on what time you need to do something. For example: You need to put the turkey in at exactly 9:30 AM. 

Help time out your next big meal perfectly with Holiday Meal Timers!