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iLearn Clocks

iLearn Clocks helps kids learn to read clocks in two different ways. 

First you can learn in "Read the Clock" mode, where a child is presented with an analog clock to read and given three different choices for an answer. You can choose to be quizzed on hourly clock increments, quarter hour, 5 minute, or single minutes. For example, you can start by just reading 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc, and as you master that skill move on to 1:15, 1:30, 1:45, until eventually they can read the clock right down to the exact minute. 

The second way to use the app is in "Set the Clock" mode. Here the child is given a time in digital format and they move the hands around the analog clock to set it to the appropriate time. They can then check their answer. Like in the other mode, this mode can be set to hourly, quarter hourly, 5 minute, or single minute accuracy. 

Both modes keep track of your score to track your progress, and can be reset at any time.