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Coin Calculator

Coin Calculator is great for pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and beyond for children who are learning about how to add money. Press any of the actual coins and then the + or - button to add or subtract that amount from your total. 

For example: Quarter + Nickel = $0.30

Or as we like to say:

 +  =  $0.30

Great for classroom or home use. Helps with teaching and learning about money. 

Works just like a calculator (you need to press + or -) except all of the inputs are actual US coins and a dollar bill. 


I hit the quarter twelve times and it only says $0.25

You have to choose + or - for the calculator to do something with the quarter, hitting it 12 times just chooses it twelve times, you haven't really told it to "do" anything yet :)