Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How much does EduCode Cost?

A: The EduCode app is free to download.  All of the flash cards are free to download and print.  The Alphabet card set is free to use with the app.  The other card sets cost a small fee of $0.99 or $1.99 to activate in the app.  You can also make your own flash cards for free using a QR Code Generator.  

Q: Why can't all the card sets be free?

A: Just like you, we need to earn a living.  The cards and software take time and work to develop and if we don't charge something we don't get paid for doing our job.  We like buying groceries :)

Q: I purchased a card set but now I'm on a different device, have restored my device, or in some other way have lost my purchase!

A: Click on "Buy Flash Card Packs" and find the "Restore" button at the bottom of the screen to restore previous purchases

Q: I laminated my cards and I'm having issues scanning them

A: Depending on how shinny your laminate is and the type of lighting in your building, you may be getting too much glair off the cards for you device's scanner to be able to read it.  Try using the cards in less direct light, or using a non-laminated version of the cards.