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EduCode is the original QR code based flash card system for education!  We provide free printable flash card sets.  Using the EduCode app software, you scan the cards to "flip" them and see the answer.  Teachers know how effective flash cards have always been, we add a bit of technology to make doing the flash cards more fun for the students, encouraging them to learn!

In the example below, the coin flash card is on the left.  When scanned the student sees the answer to how much money the card shows on the right!

Flash Cards

We have a variety of flash card sets available to get you started.  All of the flash cards are free to download and print.

The alphabet flash card set is free to use with our free EduCode app.

Additional flash card sets are free to download and print, but cost a small amount to activate in the app ($0.99 or $1.99 depending on the card set.)  We currently have: addition, subtraction, counting, multiplication, adding coins, comparison, and measuring card sets available. View the Flash Card Sets page.

Remember, since it's free to download and print the flash card sets, you can always view what you're buying before you make the commitment to activate the sets in the app!  Since the Alphabet set is free to use with the app, why not give it a try to get the hang of EduCode!

Your Own Cards

You can also make your own flash cards.  EduCode works as a QR code reader, so please use the free QR code generator (on this website) to make your own QR codes for your own custom flash card sets!  Your own card sets are always FREE to use!